Scott Cyrway

Scott Cyrway spent 10 years taking adult tap and jazz lessons . But these days, the only thing he’s jazzed about is saying no to the will of Maine’s voters.

When the citizens of Maine voted to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act last year, Scott said no . He joined Governor Paul LePage in preventing 70,000 Mainers from getting coverage.

And when Maine voted to pass the Marijuana Legalization Act two years ago, Scott said no again . He didn’t just support Governor LePage’s vetohe wrote his own repeal bill after the veto was overturned. And he remains determined to overturn the will of the people.

And even though have Mainers voted to use ranked choice voting - twice - Scott Cyrway continues to oppose the voters .

Even when other Republicans say yes, Scott still can’t help but say no. He voted against allowing Maine’s Medicaid coverage to include birth control pills, condoms, and screening for HIV, HPV, and other STIs—as well as cancer. Luckily, his colleagues stopped him from blocking access to these critical services and the measure went forward.

Scott said no to buying his own domain name, too. But we decided to do a little shuffle-ball change and say yes. Scott was busy this week spending $4,300 on a full color mailer which is just like buying except that the full color mailer is biodegradable and over 400 times the price of the URL.

Take a look at the information in the links above, and then make a plan to vote. Figure out how and when you will get to the polls. Be sure to leave yourself time to navigate long lines. Bring a proper ID, too.

However many dance lessons he takes, Scott Cyrway is so out of touch that he’ll always be out of step with Maine’s voters. On November 6th, let’s show him that he’s not the only one with the power to say no.